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Ponudba MF-CT

Manufacture of truck superstructures and custom trailers

MF-CT d.o.o., manufacture of custom trailers was established in February, 2011 on the ruins of a well-known company Natral d.o.o. Top experts from that very company has joined forces and started MF-CT as we know now.

We are a manufacture company of custom truck superstructures and custom tractor, industrial and truck trailers. The company has its own development & human resources, production halls, all the necessary production, transport, construction and IT equipment, warehouses, yards, etc.

The main program is the production of superstructures for different and custom tractor, industrial and truck trailers, installation of superstructures of all European manufacturers, installation, service and maintenance of loading ramps Bär Cargolift, superstructures and hydraulics HYVA and installation, distribution and service of electrically operated steps, door operating systems and AC products of Auto Cool, Israel Ltd …

Many funds have been and are continuing to be invested in technological modernization of the productions process and the expansion of production and sales program.

In the manufacture of superstructures, we mainly use high-quality materials such as Hardox & Domex. Superstructures are therefore more safe and durable, as evidenced by our loyal customers. We also provide regular servicing, spare parts supply and possible repairs as part of our after sale service.

Because of the fact, that most of our products are custom, we always listen and integrate any specific needs and desires our customers may have. We believe that only legal and safety requirements should limit your desires and needs.

Design is performed with 3D computer program Autodesk Inventor.

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